Estate Planning

Attorney Bobrowski would be happy to discuss your estate plan. An “estate plan” is a collection of critical documents, which includes a Last Will and Testament, but this is just a part of any good plan. The documents act in concert to protect you and your loved ones under a variety of circumstances, by spelling out who has various responsibilities in case of death, mental or physical incapacity. The documents are designed to work together to deal with all kinds of situations that may arise during and after your life.

Estate plans are important for those approaching their later years. While it is natural to put off making plans for this time of your life, this process should be thought of as a way to help those you care about make decisions
for you, with your guidance. You are helping them, by removing stress and doubt as they attempt to make the best decisions for you.

Aside from wills, Attorney Bobrowski can draft powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, advanced directives and other documents necessary for a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate plans are also important for parents with young children, in the unlikely event that tragedy strikes. As part of these plans, wills and trusts are designed to provide financially and care-wise for children in their pre-adult years or for those with special needs.  An estate plan lets you decide who will take custody of the children and can drastically speed up that process if needed.

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