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Estate Planning: Need A Will?

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Yes, you need a will.  But it’s not just about  what happens when you die.  In a simple case, that’s what a will is for.  But life is rarely simple.  It’s also about other situations where you survive.  An “estate plan” is a collection of critical documents, which certainly includes a Last Will and Testament; but to be clear, this is just a part of any good plan. Other documents are needed to help manage your life, your health, your finances while you are alive and possibly incapacitated, as well as those that help after you pass away.

These documents act in concert to protect you and your loved ones under a variety of circumstances, by spelling out who has various responsibilities in case of death, mental or physical incapacity. The documents are designed to work together to deal with all kinds of situations that may arise during and after your life.

Some Examples

What happens if you are a young couple and suffer an accident that renders you incapacitated and unable to care for your young children?  Who cares for them?  Who manages finances for them?  Who makes health decisions for you?

What happens as a business owner if later in life you suffer a stroke that leaves you unable to manage your business or other affairs?  Who makes those decisions?

As a couple or individual with significant assets, when you pass away, how can you best plan to avoid losing a significant percentage of your estate to taxes and pass it on to those you wish?

As an older couple trying to preserve assets, when one of you passes away, how do you best preserve your hard-earned savings for the remaining spouse? 

How do you ensure that a dependent with special needs gets the guidance and the financial support they need when you are gone?


While it is natural to put off making plans for these events in your life, think of this process  as a way to help those you care about make decisions for you, with your guidance. You are helping them by removing stress and doubt as they attempt to make the best decisions for you.

Aside from wills, Attorney Bobrowski can draft powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, advanced directives and other documents necessary for a comprehensive estate plan.

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